Patagonian Mockingbird – Very Rare Vagrant

On Wednesday lunchtime I opened a message from Kevin Marsh at Shallow Harbour asking what I thought the ID of a bird he had out there was. Imagine my shock at looking at an image of a Patagonian Mockingbird.  I quickly booked a couple of days off work and made a grovelling phone call to get a flight out to Shallow Harbour which is on West Falklands the next morning. Within 10 minutes of landing I was watching a superb adult Patagonian Mockingbird.



Patagonian Mockingbird is a very rare vagrant to the Falkland Islands with the last record apparently in 1992 but I have no info on that bird. The only records before that were in the 1970’s

Massive thanks to Kevin for the message and to Kevin & Lisa for the bed, great food & company. Also a special mention to Joan Porter who puts out scrapes everyday for the birds of which the Patagonian Mockingbird has taken full advantage of.

7 thoughts on “Patagonian Mockingbird – Very Rare Vagrant

  1. what a find!
    Wow… it's always great to get a chance to see a new (to you) rare bird. I've never even heard of this one, but you have many different ones there.


  2. Great Bird
    Hello Mate. Hope all is well with you and the family. Superb bird, the Fi list must be building. Looking good for being down there next February sometime. Attached the ship of my county of birth. See you then for some great birding.

  3. Beautiful pics
    I have absolutely no idea how I found your site whilst looking for image ideas for a construction company website I'm working on ( But I must say these are beautiful. Good for you. Post them with the photo sharing sites. People should see them.

  4. Patagonian Mockingbird
    I can only imagine the pleasure of seeing this bird. How exciting! The island looks like a great spot for birding.

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