Gentoo Penguins

Later in the afternoon when there was still no sign of the Leucistic bird, I spent a couple of hours on the sand beach where the returning birds come ashore, hoping for it to come back to the colony, but again no sign, but I did have a great time photographing the returning Gentoo Penguins.




Falkland Pipit

One of the hardest species of birds to photograph in the Falkland Islands is Falkland Pipit, I have over the years got a few decent images but tonight I got the best shot to date.



Sandpipers At Stanley Airport

This evening I went and had a look for White Rumped Sandpipers at Stanley airport to see if I could get some flight shots, unfortunately I did not manage any flight shot but got some nice close up shots. There was also a couple of Baird’s Sandpiper which was a bonus.

Above and below White Rumped Sandpiper


Above and below Baird’s Sandpiper


White Rumped Sandpiper on the left and Baird’s Sandpiper on the right             


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Southern Sea Lions

At Kidney Island there is normally a large number of Southern Sea Lions, yesterday there was 40+ on the landing beach and 10+ at Dix’s Cove.



Hybrid Macaroni X Rockhopper Penguin

I went out to Kidney Island this afternoon as a guide to a small group. The main target was to see the Macaroni Penguin that is in the small Rockhopper Penguin colony. I was also hoping to see the hybrid Macaroni X Rockhopper Penguin that had been see earlier in the season. I am happy to say that we all had an excellent afternoon and saw both the Macaroni and the hybrid bird.

The hybrid Macaroni X Rockhopper Penguin is paired with a Rockhopper Pemguin and has two small chicks.



During Falklands Conservation penguin census this year at least 9 Hybrid Macaroni X Rockhopper Penguins have been seen. There has been hybrids paired with Rockhopper Penguins and also Macaroni Penguins and amazingly there is also pair of hybrids breeding.

Strange ducks in the garden

Saw these two strange ducks in my garden this morning, they seem very settled but I have not seen them feeding yet thou. I am hoping that they stay around until my birding mate Steve Copsey get here so he can gets some photo’s.