More signs of winter around Davis

Last weekend we had our first rain here in Davis since early May! Since then the rain has abated, but the morning chill is decidedly autumnal. Flocks of American Robins are already appearing over North Davis, and on Monday I had a seven sparrow day (House, White-crowned, Golden-crowned, Lincoln’s and Fox in Solano Park, plus Savannah and Song at the City of Davis Wetlands).

It turns out that I’m doing another Big Day in Yolo Co. this weekend, to raise some money for a project looking at breeding Stilts and Avocets in the Central Valley. On Monday evening, Joan and I scouted out the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, and were pleasantly surprised to discover plenty of suitable shorebird habitat, as well as a single Horned Lark (one of our Big Day target birds). A nice flock of California Gulls (interspersed with Ring-billed Gulls, Caspian Terns and a few Cattle Egrets) looked great bathed in the evening light.

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