Day out on Middle Island

short-eared owl.

Thanks to 460 port troop(army) of Mare Harbour Falklands Conservation staff and volunteers were able to visit Middle Islands (own by Falklands conservation) to carry out some survey work. I helped carry out a bird survey of the island, one of the birds seen was three short-eared owls-comfirmed breeding. I have not seen a short-eared owl in the falklands for many years.

Day birding around Stanley

Spent most of the day out and about birding in the Stanley area- something I have not done for a while. It was a bit windy for most of the day, but the wind dropped and the light came good at the end of the day. I saw around 30 species from black-browed albatross and sooty shearwaters off Cape Pembroke to white-rumped sandpiper, which is a summer visitor from its Artic breeding grounds. Also so saw 4 flying steamer duck, which are not that common in the Falklands.I also saw a gentoo and magellanic penguin and thought that would be the only penguins I would see for the day. But on arriving home was told by my partner that we have a oiled rockhopper penguin in the shed- I should explain that my partner works for Falklands Conservation and she runs the oiled seabird rescue centre as part of her job. so for a few weeks we will have another mouth to feed(probably a ungrateful and sharp one) until it is heathly enough to be released back into the wild.

rufous-chested dotterel

whooper swan


It was a nice suprise to see this bird, as it is the wrong time of year to see  them normally in the UK, the sad part is however that this one had broken its wing in the past and now can not migrate so lives near Lochwinnoch with some mute swans.