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Black Redstart male or female?

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  • Black Redstart male or female?

    I posted this video of a local bird and intended to delete it after a week or so when any Northants birders who were interested had seen it. The sex of the bird has courted quite a bit of controversy so I'd like to ask opinion here before taking it off. Opinions so far seem to be divided between male, female & impossible to tell. Don't ask me why it's in the European common birds either!
    Dave J

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    I'd say it's a probable female which the pale tone of the underparts fits a lot better although the back does look a bit slaty, it's not at all like the deep tone of a classic male that gave the species it's name.


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      Young male or sibling-female males do appears almost alike a female...we should have it in the hand to be "almost" sure about sexing and ageing of them...the quite extensive wing panel seems to fit a male but I'm not sure, also because an old female would show such panel too


      Andrea Corso
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        Dave, speaking as someone who is surrounded by Black Reds during the winter I would say that distinguishing between adult males and females is fairly straightforward, but this is a sub-adult (1st winter?) bird and they are not that easy. My inclination is to go for 1st winter male, but I would not put a lot of money on it.



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          Thanks all. The fact that only 3 of you have been brave enough to pass comment tell me that it's not at all straight forward. I would have gone for male but like Colin, not if I had to put my wages on it!
          Dave J