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  • Phyllo (S Burma)


    I photographed this bird a week ago in South Myanmar. It's presumably Greenish Warbler but i'd like to get some confirmation from other birders.

    Lower mandible is pale so it should rule out Arctic and there's only one decent wing-bar which rules out typical Two-barred. Is'nt it?

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    Not sure what to make of it (never been to that part of the world) but the bill looks too stout and long for Greenish, and the whole bird too sturdy and heavy.


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      Myanmar sounds veeeery interesting!

      I think this is Arctic Warbler. It looks quite strong as a Phyllo, has strong well defined eye-stripe and loral stripe to bill. Super is very long and well defined but narrow not reaching to bill and thus leaving forehead dark (as opposed to Greenish). Wing bar looks ok for Arctic too.

      I don't see the bill as a problem.


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        I would go for Arctic Warbler too, certainly if it turned up here, that's what I would say. I don't know if there are any confusion species in Burma, though?!


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          I would go for Arctic Warbler too (shape, bill, supercilium,..)


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            Hi all,
            One feature which jumps out as being problematic for Arctic Warbler is the greater covert wingbar: on Arctic, this bar does not extend on to the innermost greater covert tips, whereas this is typical in Two-barred Greenish. There seems to be a hint of a median covert wingbar, though worn, and the head pattern would fit Two-barred Greenish as well as it would Arctic. As pointed out, the lower mandible is all pale, better for Two-barred Greenish, and the primary projection may be a bit shorter than typical of Arctic. My gut feeling would be that this is, indeed, a Two-barred Greenish Warbler in somewhat worn plumage.


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              Two-barreds were pretty much the default phyllo in the area. So i think Harry is right. Strange that i have never heard any contact calls from Arctics in Asia. Maybe it's just my small field experience in the area.