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  • Help from Larophiles please

    This bird is paired with a Herring Gull but have a look at the legs photo does not really do it justice.They are bright Yellow it is obviously not a Yellow Legged Gull the only thing I can come up with is Baltic Herring Gull if it was a hybrid I would assume it would still be a shade darker
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    I have seen Herring Gulls in the peak of their breeding condition where their legs turn yellow for a few days - I guess that it is hormonal. A similar thing happens with Great White Egrets where their legs turn bright red. Theoretically, some kind of hormonal imbalance (caused by a toxicological effect or disease) might be able to make the legs appear yellow if nothing else suggests any thing other than bog standard argenteus.

    Edit: The brightness of the gonys and deep red eye ring might support this theory
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      Cheers Odo
      Still not sure this bird has been present for several weeks now and the legs have been the same all the way through