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Bush Warbler in Kaeng Krachan, Thailand

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  • Bush Warbler in Kaeng Krachan, Thailand

    Dear all

    During the afternoon of December 24th, 2011, I along with four friends found this bird just outside Bang Krang Camp, Kaeng Krachan, Thailand.

    According to Birds of Thailand (Robson) the only Bush Warbler which occurs in this part of Thailand is Spotted. However, our bird seems to lack spotting on the throat and barred undertail-coverts. But hard to be sure because of poor pictures.

    I hope someone can share their view on this bird.


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    I have taken the liberty of modifying it slightly. The colours are still a little cold I guess.

    Brian S
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      Seems like the bird shows slight contrast between greyish nape and brown back...

      Regards, Andreas


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        Hi Andreas

        I have thought about this and been in contact with Peter Kennerley.

        The images are not great, being in shade and underexposed, but the features visible are: quite a prominent supercilium ending behind the eye; pale line under the lores and also quite pale lores themselves giving an open-faced appearance - almost reminiscent of Middendorff's (of course which it is not). The underparts are washed brown, but the throat cannot be seen; the undertail coverts are quite plain, as you say, without any obvious dark bases. Taken as a whole these would suggest Chinese Bush Warbler B. tacsanowskius

        Chinese Bush Warbler

        Baikal Bush Warbler B. davidi suschkini - may lack or appear to lack spots on throat, but has well-marked undertail coverts

        Brian S


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          Thanks for the comments.

          I have included another version of one of the pictures here: