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Thrushes / Pippit?

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  • Thrushes / Pippit?

    Good Morning All

    A local famer is ploughing his field and it is full of these birds and wheatears.

    Can anyone help with these two birds. (pictures a and c)

    I find picture c3 interesting,,the front is like tiger stripes. It appears in two pictures whilst the others are normal heavy speckled,,but the same bird I'm sure.

    As the wheatear was there I am thinking thrushes,,but the nearest I see to pictures c11 c12 c3 is pipit. (birds of feather idea)
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    pics 1-3 = Wheatear
    pics 4-5 = Meadow Pipit


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      wheat ear?

      Thank you for quick response Mark.

      The wheatear is interesting,,as it does'nt show the wing makings that they others did,,(on the same shoot),,a section of little dots,,or black centers as desribed in the Collins.
      By comparison,,they do seem slightly disimilar

      Is this a "Juv" or a female?
      Or am I being too rigid in my observation?

      Thanks for meadow pipit as well,,I'll study that too.