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Help ID bird in Crete

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  • Help ID bird in Crete

    I just found this bird in Chania, Crete. Although the iridescent back and the long bill remind me of a hummingbird, I read that there are no hummingbirds in Europe, and it was too large for a hummingbird. It was on the waterfront at the harbor and, when I first noticed it, it dove in the water for a fish like a kingfisher would. But it is small for a kingfisher. I'm guessing about 5 inches.
    Can anyone help identify this one? Thanks.
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    Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) it is. Remember our Kingfisher is a lot smaller than Belted Kingfishers in North America!

    PS welcome to the forum!


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      thanks for the help

      Thanks! That was fast! I use to help identify North American birds that are a mystery to me. Is there something similar for European birds?


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        one of our readers, Dr John Hayward created this European database:

        there's a simpler, more stripped down version here:

        Just post pics here and you will get responses to those you get stuck on.
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          Just in case you are interested, the all-dark bill suggests that this bird is a male COMMON KINGFISHER - superb shot - well done


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            Originally posted by TravelinAround View Post
            I just found this bird in Chania, Crete. ...
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            Do note China is not Europe, ....
            Errr .. . Ooops!


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              wow, that's some serious dyslexia - I need to slow down when reading posts - thanks for pointing that out.