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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker or other sapsucker/woodpecker?

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  • Yellow-bellied Sapsucker or other sapsucker/woodpecker?

    Saw 2 large woodpeckers, maybe 25cm tail to head, February 20, 2012, Upper Economy, Nova Scotia. They were actively pecking some pretty large holes in a tree. Lots of woods, coastline and farmland nearby.

    The scarlet head and scarlet sliver just beneath the bill suggests to me its a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as there's nothing else this size and color in this area. Other woodpeckers are smaller and just have a small red path on head.

    The pictures cannot confirm any yellow on breast and usually the nap is scarlet for the male so I'm not totally convinced. I thought it was rather large too for a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Normally they dont winter here but its been a warm winter. There's also a lacking white vertical stripe.

    Was this just a winter variation with the male nap only partially scarlet red?

    Would they be foraging for sap this time of year? Do other wintering woodpeckers do the same in winter?
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    Piliated woodpecker

    Just found a reference to the Pileated Woodpecker. The markings and size are identical. These woodpeckers actually get up to 45cm and the ones I saw were likely bigger than my conservative estimate of 25cm, just couldnt bring myself to say it could be 40cm long as it seemed just too odd for anything around here to be that large.
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      Yep,you got it right eventually.Great shots by the way


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        Junponline; I haven't got a clue about the birds ye mention there. Nor am I in the SAS. I'm not an " Aborigine " either. Bear with me .....

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        The Abo's wandered into the sunset. Scratching their behinds and muttering about " Honey Ants ".

        By half way through the programme, it was neck and neck. Then, out of the blue, the Abo's basically said; " Ah, look ..... Sod This for a game of 'Walkabout ~ in front of the cameras'. Ye wanna see something really cool? "

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        Now; Look at that 'hole'. Top left, there.

        This is why this place'll never grow too