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  • " First " Cuckoo ....?

    Yesterday (Sunday, 8th April) at 19:59 I happened to step outside my back door, just to spy on my Starlings. We were in the midst of a power cut and I was restless for things to do.

    Being as I was facing east, my 'good' ear was pointing north. Ready to capture the only sounds I'd be hearing. Starlings, crackling away from the top of the big ash, in the paddock. No doubt other, now forgotten sounds.

    Then I heard; " Ku coo! ..... Ku coo! ". Stop right there.

    Every year I hear this. I always stop and ask myself: " Collared Dove? Wood Pigeon?! Is This the sound of creeping senility / insanity? " ..... Oh, no: Insanity came years ago. I still never heard cuckoo's though.

    Only, when I went to log it on BirdTrack, just now, all the red alerts came up! 'UnSeasonable, Captain!' Well, I'm sorry, 'n all that. But I know damn well what I heard.

    Jotted it down on the back of a used envelope too. 'Green', see? Burn the evidence presently. Destroy the planet. Last words on any of ye lips will be " Damn you, DitchSh!tter ! "

    But, anyway; Is this so early for a Cuckoo? It was during a power cut, remember. I had no way of checking expected arrival times. Now I'm too shattered. Light's back on. Tomorrows dinner is probably ruined (Slow Cooker curry). What the polar ice caps are up to, god knows ~ Michael?

    Irony is; Later, within the same minute a Sparrowhawk passed over. Fanned its tail and spread its primaries, as much as to say; " Yes. It's me, look. The Sparrowhawk. " Ye see what I'm saying?

    Funny thing is; I was almost wetting myself, having earlier flushed a Jack Snipe. A. local, First for me. No raised eyebrows, from BirdTrack, there.

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    Not particularly early for the first ones


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      Hi Ditch,

      There was one not far from me yesterday also, so I'd imagine there's a few come in over the last couple of days.



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        Cheers, guys. Now I'm back on I'll be able to compare my earlier years records too.