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Lady A's In Scotland ....?

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  • Lady A's In Scotland ....?

    Read this, in an off topic forum:

    " Was on holiday last week in Scotland, mountain biking in various Forestry Commission errrr, forests.

    At Ae Forest we were hacking down a purpose build bike trail only to find Lady Amherst's Pheasant sitting happily slap bang on the trail.

    I prodded the guy. He seems convinced the place is about as 'middle of no where' as it gets.

    Just curious; Is this a known spot for them?


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    There are isolated occurrences of Lady Amherst's Pheasants throughout Britain, Scotland and Wales but these presumably relate to escaped or purposefully released individuals. As far as the 'native' population goes (and here I am talking about the remnants of the introduced population), there are just 4 males surviving in Bedfordshire (two at one site and singles at two others). I have not recorded a female since 2000 and remarkably, these 4 above, are presumably at least 15 years old, as I have seen them annually and in the same number and positions since that time.

    Golden Pheasant is also now on the way out with no more than 40 individuals at large, the majority in Suffolk Breckland.


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      Cheers, Lee. Much as I suspected then. I even replied to the guy, on the original thread, to the effect that you'd never accept it. As such? Nice thing to see. But not much use to anyone