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Clamorous Reed Warbler in the Hand

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  • Clamorous Reed Warbler in the Hand

    Some photographs of Clamorous Reed Warbler in the hand taken in Bahrain on Friday 19th August are here

    They show two juveniles with wing and tail shots, one the smallest CRW ringed in Bahrain so far.

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    Sorry - forgot to add a couple of photos to the thread.

    I have just been told the aging may not be so simple for Clamorous Reed Warbler as we thought and we may need to revist the ages of these birds. Has anyone with experience got knowledge on how to age CRW in the hand?

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      Aditional Aging Information on the CRW

      This information has come from my traineer.

      Yea, Jem. This / these bird is an adult as the plumage is so worn.

      My current understanding of resident clamorous reed warbler populations is - that the juveniles have a full post-fledging moult on the breeding grounds and the adult has a post-breeding moult in the same place. Thus a bird undergoing primary moult can be either a juvenile or an adult. The deciding factor in the hand is the degree of wear on the old primaries, a juvenile will have less wear than an adult. Thus the very worn bird in the photo is an adult which has not yet started its post-breeding moult. A juvenile would not be this worn. This also tells us that the clamorous reed warbler has a long breeding season here and is definitely multi-brooded. If they begin breeding as early as February, which is likely the case, then they are probably triple brooded!!