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  • Trickle of Raptors

    Took a few friends to Bald Point State Park this morning and we had a jolly ole time watching a few raptors migrating along the coast. Highlights as follows Northern Harrier = 6 Merlin = 2 American Kestrel = 4 Peregrine = 1 Broad-winged Hawk = 4 Red-shouldered Hawk = 1 Cooper's Hawk = 16 Sharp-shinned Hawk = 12 Bald Eagle = 5 Osprey = 5 I managed to get a couple of pictures....
    juvenile Cooper's Hawks
    juvenile Northern Harriers
    Note the similiarity to juvenile Pallid Harriers, which occur in Europe. Is Pallid Harrier on the ABA list? Northern Harriers show 5 primary fingers in flight compared to the four displayed by Pallid's. Some juvenile Northern's can be even oranger than the individuals above. They also show that pale collar which contrasts with the dark neck collar or "boa" as it is referred to in Europe.Juvenile and male Northern Harriers are very different to Hen Harriers, but they still share the same scientific name. Have they been split? Are they likely to be? Has Northern Harrier been recorded in the UK or Europe?
    other birds of note included Magnolia, Prairie, Black-and-white and Palm Warbler. Several Gray Catbirds were meeowing from the bushes and we were also scolded by a couple of House Wrens.