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  • Baltic Capitals

    Hi, just booked a cruise to the Baltic Capitals and thought I would buy myself Where to watch birds, World Cities, I recieved it but the only city I am visiting in the book is Copenhagen.
    What happened to Oslo, Stokholm, Helsinki, St. Petersberg and Tallin?, anybody know of good birding sites close to hand in these cities!

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    Baltic Capitals

    Hate to put a dampner on things but:
    We did the Baltics.Great cruise .Wonderful places, but the birding was useless.And I mean useless.
    No memorable birding days whatsoever.
    We have done 7 cruises.The other 6 varied from very good to brilliant for birdwatching.
    The best?The Carribean closely folowed by Faroes,Iceland ,Greenland.
    Went to Eygpt,Israel,Cyprus,Turkey this year.Great!
    But the Baltics.Hard work for birdwatching.


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      Baltic Capitals.

      Thanks I must try harder, or book a better birding cruise!


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        Baltic Cruise

        Originally posted by Dipper View Post
        Thanks I must try harder, or book a better birding cruise!
        Don't despair I am sure you will love the cruise.All the places you go to are fantastic.I enjoyed it despite the birdwatching.
        Try the Carribean.Had a wonderful time and saw lifers at every port without having to try.
        The Faroes,Iceland Greenland run is wonderful[even if you don't get as far as Greenland]
        Magnificent sea watching every day especially as you approach and leave the ports[don't do 1st sitting - you will be stuck in the restaurant as you leave port]
        Thought about Norway/Spitzbergen?
        Again great birdwatching most days especially Spitzbergen.
        We did Turkey,Cyprus,Israel,Egypt at Easter this year.Israel,Turkey and Cyprus were unforgettable at this time of year.Migrants everywhere.Again no great effort to see some great birds.

        Happy cruising!