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1000 birds to see before you die

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  • 1000 birds to see before you die

    Hi all

    This should inspire some interest. I know (now) that the title is close to what has already been published, but I did not know so when I got the idea. Someone tried to make me fill in a stupid bucket list on Facebook - not bird related at all - and sort of inspired by the book 1000 places to see before I die and that recent movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (whatever it was called). I kindly declined and instead I decided to write a book!!! 1000 birds to see before you die. A birders bucket list.

    It shall be a book free for download in pdf format when ready. I calculate maybe a year from the date - or more. For starters I thought it'd be cool to use social birding media to get some suggestions what species to include.
    Do you want to help and suggest content?
    Check this link

    It is a fun excersize. If you don't want to list 100 birds for me...pls just send a list of your top 10-100 birds to the list. Number 1 gets 100 points, nr 2 gets 99 and so forth.

    They can be both birds you have seen and birds you want to see anywhere in the world. Simply the best birds of your lifetime. They can be rare and remote, but they must be regularily seen at their site. Ivory-billed Woodpecker and Slender-billed Curlew will not make the list I am afraid, but Tuamotu Sandpiper and Scarlet-banded Barbet may if they get voted for.

    As mentioned, the book will be free for all to download - and I will think of some scheme/campaign in which money can be donated to Birdlife
    International for the conservation of the threatened birds.


    Gunnar Engblom
    Birding Peru with Kolibri Expeditions
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    Gunnar Engblom
    -birder, blogger, bird tour operator in Peru.
    A birding blog from Peru.


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    Good idea Gunnar. Spoon-billed Sandpiper would be on my list
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      Me too, though I hear the future is quite bleak? Definitely among my top 50 I think.
      Gunnar Engblom
      -birder, blogger, bird tour operator in Peru.
      A birding blog from Peru.



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        Crimson Shining-parrot. A true Fijian jewel.


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          Here's 15 of my top 100.

          Akohekohe (Crested Honeycreeper) Palmeria dolei
          Pel's Fishing Owl Scotopelia peli
          Great Bustard Otis tarda
          Diademed Sandpiper-Plover Phegornis mitchelli
          Standard-winged Nightjar Macrodipteryx longipennis
          Orange-throated Tanager Wetmorethraupis sterrhopteron
          Resplendent Quetzal Pharomachrus mocinno
          Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi
          Horned Guan Oreophasis derbianus
          Pink-headed Warbler Ergaticus versicolor
          Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi
          Marvelous Spatuletail Loddigesia mirabilis
          Blue Bird-of-Paradise Paradisaea rudolphi
          Gray-necked Rockfowl Picathartes oreas
          Great Argus Argusianus argus


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            That is really a great idea. I don't have any specific species (I know I should, but I don't), but I think you should include some of Hawaii's native species. So many of them are endangered and they won't be around for a lot longer (if nothing is done, that is).
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