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Join Raptor Camp Malta to fight against illegal bird killing

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  • Join Raptor Camp Malta to fight against illegal bird killing

    Come to Malta this autumn and join BirdLife Malta’s Raptor Camp, to make a real difference towards the conservation of migratory raptors and other birds.

    Malta is on the central migratory route between breeding grounds in Europe and wintering grounds in Africa, serving as an important resting spot in the middle of the sea for birds of many different species. Birds that pass over the Maltese Islands are met by widespread illegal gunfire, and many are killed to be taken home and stuffed as trophies. Some are also shot and abandoned in the countryside.

    You can help protect these birds – by just being in the countryside watching birds, and filming and reporting illegal activities, these poachers can be deterred from aiming their shotguns at protected birds. BirdLife Malta teams maintain a strong presence in the Maltese countryside in the early mornings and in the afternoons until dusk, when birds, and illegal hunters, are most active. If a large number of birds, or a particularly rare species, is seen roosting in an area, teams will watch over these birds at night to protect them from the growing problem of night shooting.

    2011’s Raptor Camp will take place from Wednesday 14th September until Sunday 2nd October.

    For more details, please visit our Raptor Camp information area:

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    Spoonbill ringed in Hungary shot dead in Malta

    Yesterday afternoon, a spoonbill ringed as a chick in Hungary, was shot dead by poachers driving past the Salini Bird Reserve, and its body collected by a car following behind.

    The shooting broke a number of national and EU laws: spoonbills are protected birds under national and EU law, it is currently closed season, no hunting may take place within Bird Sanctuaries, and no shooting may take place within 50 metres of a main road.

    The road running alongside the site of the shooting is very busy, and the area is overlooked by a number of blocks of flats. BirdLife are appealing for witnesses to help bring the poachers to justice.

    Events like this increase during migration season. Join BirdLife Malta's Raptor Camp this autumn - 14th September - 2nd October to help us monitor and deter these illegal incidents.


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      An example of just what campaigning and our work here at BirdLife can do came yesterday.

      In May, a flock of 200 White Storks passed through Malta and many were targetted by hunters, with less than half confirmed as having left the island safely. The BirdLife office alone received 3 of these birds, 2 dead and one which died before it reached our veterinarian. You can read more here.

      One of the shooting incidents was followed by the arrest of two individuals and yesterday they were sentenced; one to 2 years prison and a €9000 fine and the other to 1 year and a €5000 fine. This is a landmark case for us as sentences have been far more lenient in the past. You can read further details of the case here.

      This is a big step forward in the campaign against illegal hunting. A big part of this campaign is running conservation and monitoring camps such as Spring Watch and Raptor Camp. At these camps we monitor numbers of migratory birds, maintain a presence in the countryside and collect evidence to help bring individuals such as the above to justice. If you're interested in helping the cause then you can join us this Autumn, 14th September - 2nd October. Details here.