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Birding in Worthing

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  • Birding in Worthing

    My local "patch" is basically the West Sussex seaside town of Worthing. However, I don`t seem to see anything much other than gulls. If anyone else knows the area and had more interesting sightings than this please let me know!!!!

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    Hey Kes,

    Try going up around Cissbury, esp from now onwards as there'll be a good selection of migrants, esp into Oct when the Rouzels start appearing. Arundel's not that far away, the Millstream and the walk around Swanbourne Lake itself is good (and the Water Voles are easy in the moat alongside the castle). Inland a bit are all the areas around Greatham and of course Pulborough.
    Sussex is a great birding county, buut transport is necessary to get the most out of it. Can always go seawatching off the beach at Worthing as it sometimes gets a few bits too.



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      Hi Kes

      For many years I lived in Worthing and still get back occasionally (although not too often now from Bangalore). There are plenty of good birding sites around, especially during migration. Before I had transport I used to spend my time either seawatching (can be boring or interesting at any time of year, especially with waders, wildfowl, terns and a few skuas in late April and May) or looking for migrants in the farmland around West Durrington (now mostly disappeared underneath Tesco and new housing estates). Other very local sites you could try include Goring Gap, Ferring Rife (and the beaches at Goring and Ferring), Brooklands Lake and Sompting Brooks. Plenty of downland areas are worth checking, including Cissbury as Ads mentioned, and the Adur valley can be good, either at the coast including Widewater or at various sites inland.

      Of course further afield in Sussex there are great sites such as Pagham and Chichester Harbours, Pulborough Brooks, Beachy Head and Rye Harbour.

      If not already, you might like to join the Shoreham District Ornithological Society: there are a great bunch of local birders in the area.

      Feel free to ask if you want more detailed information.
      -- Mike --

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        I used to visit Worthing a lot as a child, visiting my grandmother. Rarest bird was a Kentish Plover at Ferring (sometime in early 80s). Ferring always looked like it could be good for migrants with the fields and bushes and trees extending from the beach north (looks like they're still there according to Google Satellite). From the satellite, those fields do stand out midst a coastline of urbanization. The trees there might be worth an early morning periodic check during the coming weeks through Oct' and who knows, with the right conditions, might yield a goodie.
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          I wonder if anyone has seen anything interesting in the vicinity of the town itself? I once saw a sparrowhawk flying overhead there - a number of weeks ago now in fact. I have read reports of ospreys and hobbies being spotted from other years too. Also, I just remembered having seen sanderlings on the shoreline. Any advance on these?