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Where are the Jack Snipe?

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  • Where are the Jack Snipe?

    I know the bad winter has not been good for Jack Snipe recently but has anybody had any on their patch this winter yet? I usually get one or two in the favoured area on my patch all winter, and then maybe three/four migrating birds in March (in a good year).
    All our Common Snipe have gone from this particular Trent Valley area too.


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    Hi , absolutely no jack snipe on my local patch either, tried in vain but no joy! Plenty of woodcock around my area at the moment, but very few common snipe.Think they must be suffering in this freeze up
    regards John
    Cambs Birder.


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      Only had 1 jack snipe down in Cornwall myself on christmas eve, I flushed it as I was in colan woods near Porth Res. We havent had the freeze as bad as everywhere else this winter.