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    My local patch is a 27km stretch of SH12, between Ruawai and Dargaville in Northland NZ.
    We have been here about four years now, having come from the East Midlands back in the UK, where I was lucky to have a number of good local patches. But here I have found it hard to find a good local patch. Access to land here can be hard and it can mean long journeys to good birding sites.
    So now I find SH12 to be my patch! And its not to bad, I get to work it twice a day six to severn days a week!
    A large area is open pasture land with some native bush. The road runs close to the wide Wairoa river with sp.... Mangrove and Raupo and a kind of Pampas grass.
    Common day to day birds are usually Australasian Harrier, Mallard, Australian Magpie, Spur-Winged Plover but you do get the odd rare bird as I have seen Australasian Bittern by the side of the road too! Incidentally close to Tokatoka, an extinct Volcano.

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    On SH12 this morning I passed a young Harrier feasting on a road kill Possom. It just stood there not at all concerned as I inched by. A few minutes later I was back this time on the Harriers side, he still stood there as I came to a stop a yard from the bumper. In fact he did not fly till I opened the door! So I kicked the bits to the side and as I left I could see him flying back to his meal.
    He was lucky, in the last week I've seen two dead Harriers on the road close to fresh road kill. Not to many people, slow or go round birds or animals in this part of NZ.


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      volcano 1.jpgruawai river 1.jpgJust thought that I would post a few photos from my birding patch. They show the Waiuoa river and long extinct Tokatoka volcano.