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Buzzard Behaviour?

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  • Buzzard Behaviour?

    Happy Easter all.

    Yesterday I watched this buzzard "assume the position" on a cliff face.

    It quite deliberately found a spot, opened its wings and lay there for some 7 to 10 minutes. Watchfull but otherwise quite still.
    Sunbathing seemed a bit dubious as it was very hot,,average 29 deg's.
    Camouflaging for a kill? There were some nesting fulmers in the cliff.
    My friend suggested it was picking up ants for the formic acid to rid itself of unwanted pests.

    All of these are guess's.

    So, does anyone out there know if this is some kind of "buzzard / raptor behaviour pattern"

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    Sun bathing!


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      Many Thanks

      Hello again Micheal.

      Sunbathing,,,well I'll be?

      I honestly thought it was a stupid idea.

      Thanks for clearing another question up for me.



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        I went to a thing called raptor domain. It's on kangaroo island, S.A . It's where you pay to go in and they show you different types of raptors and explain about them.

        One was a Black breasted buzzard. It opened it's wings out and just stood there magnifacintly. According to the person explaining about the bird they spread their wings when their young and they keep doing it until one day they will catch a draft and that will be their first proper flight.