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Eastern Imperial Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle & Steppe Eagle

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  • Eastern Imperial Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle & Steppe Eagle

    I have been seeing a number of good birds of prey over the last couple of weeks in the northern area of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, including Eastern Imperial Eagle details here The best photograph is attached here.

    Also Steppe Eagle here

    and Greater Spotted Eagle here

    Greater Spotted Eagle and Eastern Imperial Eagle are both listed as vulnerable on the IUCN RedList and the Middle East in winter is an excellent place to see these species.

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    Impressive shots Jem - a real treat indeed. As you say, a species in danger - and a shame that so many winter in Kuwait where they are likely to get shot.

    I am seeing fewer and fewer each year in Turkey now, where the species still breeds in the north and east - perhaps 40 pairs. Other than where you are and in the neighbouring countries, northern Israel probebly provides the best chance of seeing this species in winter, with up to 8 wintering individuals in the Hula Valley, particularly around the wetlands of the Agmon reserve.