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Seawatching in Cariño (Galicia, Spain)

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  • Seawatching in Cariño (Galicia, Spain)


    Today we made another boat trip to the Ortegal sea (Cariño, Galicia, Spain) on board Aula do Mar ship. Some sightings were these:

    - Fea´s/Zino´s Petrel (probably Fea´s): two sightings of 1-2 birds.

    - Madeiran Strom Petrel: one bird. Second sighting in a week...

    - Wilson´s Petrel: at least 6 birds at the same time (more than 40 contacts). Very common bird...

    - Long-Tailed skua: three birds.

    - Sabine´s gull: at least 300 (three hundred) birds. Approximately 210 in a flock...

    - Sooty Shearwater: at least 7 birds.

    - Arctic skua: at least 7 birds (2 of them dark adults)

    - Pomarine skua: bad day. Only 2 birds.

    - Balearic Shearwater: very common.

    - Common Tern: some hundreds.

    - Arctic Tern: 4 birds (one of them adult).

    - Black Tern: only 2 birds.

    That´s all.


    José Miguel Alonso Pumar.

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    Excellent Jose! Is it easy for tourist birders to charter a boat? Also, best time of day?


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      Well, is not difficult to make a reservation. The e-mail address is:

      Aula do Mar is a fishing boat that organizes seawatching trips from the village of Cariño, close to Cape Ortegal.

      Every year Aula do Mar offers a boat trips timetable but usually the ship is complete quickly.

      Anyway, it is possible to organize groups for a cheap price. The boat can be rent to do a tour of 7-7.5 hours for 600 euros. No more than 20 people can travel at the same time so the price would be 30 euros/person if it´s completed. If you want more information, please, tell me.

      You can see here some pictures got on 22th august in our seawatching boat trip (Antonio Gutiérrez´s blog):

      - Long-tailed skua:

      - Terns:

      - Sabine´s gull:

      - Storm petrel (European, Wilson and Madeiran):


      (Excuse my horrible english level. To much time without practicing...)
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        More pictures:



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          Today morning a new seawatching trip from Cariño village. These have been the most interesting birds:

          - Roseate Tern: 1 bird.

          - Long-Tailed Skua: 2 birds.

          - Sabine´s Gull: more than 350 birds (more or less 250 in a flock).

          - Wilson´s Strom Petrel: minimun 2 birds.

          - Pomarine Skua: 5-6 birds.

          - Arctic Skua: More than 30 birds.

          - Great Skua: more than 30 birds.

          - Black Tern: 6 birds.

          - Sooty Shearwater: no less than 5 birds.

          - Grey Phalarope: around 30 birds.

          - Mediterranean Gull: 2 birds 20 miles sea inside.

          - Whimbrel: migrating bird 20 miles offshore.

          In addition, some other common species like Balearic Shearwater and Common Tern. European and Wilson's Storm Petrel have been scarce today.

          Then, in the evening, some birders watched 2 Pterodroma sp. (together) in front of Estaca de Bares point.



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            nice, thanks for the info.


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              Some birds today (09/11/2010):

              - Arctic Skua: minimun 23.

              - Pomarine Skua: only 2 birds.

              - Great Skua: common.

              - Long-tailed Skua: 5 birds (4 adults and 1ºcy).

              - Sabine´s Gull: 400 birds more or less.

              - Common Gull: one, 1ºwinter. Firts bird after nesting.

              - Black Tern: 9 birds.

              - Arctic Tern: 3 birds.

              - European Storm petrel: common

              - Wilson´s Storm petrel: many contacts; 4 birds together.

              - Leach´s Storm petrel: 2-3 birds.

              - Sooty Shearwater: 3 birds at least.

              - Great Shearwater: 10 birds.

              Gannet, Common Tern, Manx Shearwater and Cory´s Shearwater very common near the coast.