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Lynx track?

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  • Lynx track?

    I hope this picture works.
    It is of some tracks we found at the edge of a local reservoir, literally 5 minutes from our front door. I am hoping that one day we may see a lynx there!
    'Step off of the World for a While'

    Situated 30 minutes from Sierra de Cardena y Montoro, and just over an hour from Sierra de Andujar

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    Ok lets try again!!!Click image for larger version

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    'Step off of the World for a While'

    Situated 30 minutes from Sierra de Cardena y Montoro, and just over an hour from Sierra de Andujar


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      Looks like it has claw points, which suggests fox or dog.


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        Personally, I don't see definite claw marks. What I do see is a rather more rounded track / print. Cat tracks are better suited to a circular frame than are Dogs.

        The heel is different in cats too. But, that shot lacks the definition to discern that though.

        What makes me pretty certain ye have a cat there is the positioning of the toes. See how they're spread out, again, in a round shape? Just a gentle bow to the curvature of their set.

        Dog has two toes distinctly in front of the two rear ones. Here's a certified Dog track ~ I watched one of mine make this. Wet foot on smooth concrete:

        See that? Two widely spaced ones, at the back. The two, close together ones are decidedly 'above' the back ones. Ye could draw a horizontal line between bottom and top ones. Try that with your track and ye'd draw through a third pad.

        Badger tracks share that 'roundness' with cats. Only, they have such big claws that there'd be pretty bloody striking claw marks in that silt. They also have five toes. Amd I can barely discern the four on that track.

        So, that's why I'd suggest cat


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          Sorry, but I'm definitely seeing pointed toes, which implies claws and doesn't fit a cat!
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            Must be ice cap activity, Michael. Only, my Dog print has Round toes and no claw marks, look

            Dunno, mate. It's not the best photo. But, then? I hate tracking off photo's. Especially when all we get is a solitary pad shot, like that.

            Personally? I actually stoop and stare at tracks and 'sign' most days of my life. It's a great part of what I do. I'm good on eyes, after dark, too. But, I do this in person. In real life. I may have to decide whether or not to attempt to account for the maker or owner, on the basis of what I decide from my examination.

            But, a single shot of a single pad, on the internet? Can be said to be Fido or the Yetti, for all I care