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Help needed in uploading digiphotos to Surfbirds forum

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  • Help needed in uploading digiphotos to Surfbirds forum

    Hello everybody.
    Help needed please.
    1st off,i know the basics of my laptop but i'm no expert,so please,not too technical with your replies !!!!!!!!!
    I've just begun digiscoping with my Kowa TSN 883 and Nikon P 6000.
    I would like to "upload" 3 or 4 photos "for constructive criticism" from other members.So far my photos are fairly mediocre.
    I've transferred all my "efforts" to my laptop.What do i do now ?
    I've tried to upload a couple of days ago but when i "submit" the photos,a message comes back saying "file size to large".
    What am i doing wrong ?.
    Call me "thick" if you like !!!!!!!!!!
    Do i have to convert my photos to a smaller format ? and if so,how do i go about it ?.
    Thanks in advance from a "not very computer literate" person !!!!!

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    The answer partly depends on which processing software you are using and what format you are shooting in? Without knowing that I can't be too specific.

    The simple answer would be to resize your images (in Photoshop, etc) to 800 pixels maximum dimension and save as maximum quaility JPEGS. Always use the "save as" option and not the "save for web" - the latter reduces image quality and strips off the exif data (shooting information).

    Do you have a photo-hosting website? If not, I would recommend setting up a free "Photobucket" (Google it) account. You can then upload your images to that and they will be automatically resized if you haven't already done it, and also assign the image a unique URL which you can paste into the "insert image" box in the toolbar of the message posting pane on this forum.

    Sorry to be brief - in a rush to go out. Will explain further tomorrow if you haven't worked it out for yourself.



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      Colin pretty much nailed it above, I only want to mention that you probably have a free simple software for this if you use Windows, ie Microsoft Paint.


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        Ground to a halt !!!!!!!!!

        Hello Colin.
        Thanks for your prompt reply and advise.My new thread funnily enough was aimed at you specifically.
        Well i joined Photobucket as you advised.
        I have now loaded 6 photos on to their site and have "ground to a halt"!!!!!
        Please forgive my ignorance but what do i do next ?
        I know that you can "send" photos to other websites other than those listed,eg:Facebook,Twitter blah blah blah but unfortunately (due to my ignorance) I dont know how to do it.My problem is that i only bought my first laptop a year ago and as you can see !!!!!.I'm learning "step by step".
        All i want to do is create a "thumbnail" for Surfbird members,so they can "click" on my image and tell me "how pathetic my attempts at digiscoping are" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
        I know you are a busy man Colin,but if you get some time could you help me please ?.
        Best wishes.
        PS.I am using Adobe 6 (Unfortunately in French.I can't get English version here in Brittany) for post editing and shooting format is JPEGS.
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          Hello Brian,

          There are several ways of doing this, but I will try the simplest first:

          In Photbucket, open one of your images by clicking on the thumbnail. If you then put your cursor on the image you will see in the top left corner an X% value and a magnifying glass symbol with a "+" symbol in it. Just click the image and it will resize to the maximum Photobucket image size and quality.

          The first line in the toolbar at the top of your screen will be the unique URL for this image (http:// etc, etc, etc. ending in the camera assigned image number followed by a "stop" fllowed by "jpg". Put your cursor on this URL string and and click and it will turn dark blue, meaning it has been "selected".

          Now copy this URL to the clipboard by pressing "Ctrl" and the letter "C" on your keyboard simultaneously. Exit Photobucket (press the "Home" symbol), and open Surfbirds Forum and go to the photographic section (where you have just posted). Go to the end of the thead and select "Post Reply".

          Type in a bit of text saying what the bird in the photo is (you cannot just post a photo, you need a minimum number of accompanying words).

          Now, select the "Insert Image" icon (yellow postcard with two mountains and a stamp) in the message toolbar; when you click on this there will open another pane saying "Please enter the URL of your image" The box already has "http://" at the left-hand side. YOU NEED TO REMOVE THIS BY PUTTING THE CURSOR AT THE END OF THIS AND USING THE BACK DELETE KEY (Left-facing arrow near top right of your keyboard). When the cursor alone is in the box, paste in the URL of your image by pressing the "Ctrl" and letter "V" keys simultaneously. The URL should appear and then click on the "OK" box underneath.

          This should now have embedded your image in the message, rather than adding it as a thumbnail. Click on "Preview Post" to check that the image appears in your message.

          Hope this works; if not we can try another way.

          Best of luck,


          P.S. You can buy English versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements (v.8 now available) from Amazon U.K. and they will deliver to France.


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            Still Struggling !!!!!!!

            Hi Colin.
            Thank you once again for your patience !!!!!!!!
            Went to my home page with Photo bucket,clicked on a photo.In the top left hand corner is marked in a black box 59% BUT no magnifying glass.
            Spent almost 2 hours trying to resolve the issue but alas no success.
            This is my username on Photobucket : briandubretagne
            Maybe you could visit my site and check out the photos.
            Or alteratively (if you haven't smashed your laptop dealing with idiots such as me !!!!!!!!!) Advise another tactic.
            Sorry once again.


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              Hello again Brian,

              When you select an image you get the 59% value at top left, but it is the cursor itself which becomes a small magnifying glass with a "+" symbol within it. Click anywhere on the image and you will get the maximum size and quality that Photobucket allows.

              The URL for this image looks like this:


              Now, for some reason which I don't (yet) understand there are two strings which have been added to the URL (highlighted in red) which should not be there. Carefully erase these with the backspace (left-facing arrow) key so that the URL looks like this (it MUST end with the letters "jpg"):


              It is this which you select, copy and then paste into your forum post using the "insert image" icon.

              And, Voila, c'est ici!!!

              Not at all bad, in fact far better than most digiscoped images. I will comment on it further and make some suggestions for improvement when I get more time. I will also try to figure out why Photobucket is adding these strings to the URL.

              By the way, once you have selected and copied the URL of one image, and removed the offending strings, you can paste the same URL into the "insert image" box and then change the image number; i.e. the camera assigned number for this image is 20100331_0092 so if you change the relevant digits to those of other images you will get the other photos inserted without going through this palaver again!!


              P.S. Your mission today is to try and get the other images posted!


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                You are a star Colin.

                Hello Colin.My wife has had me helping with the garden this morning !!!!!! ugh !!!.
                I'll get cracking after lunch.
                I've been following some of your old threads re:"retouching" with adobe.
                You did some amazing "work" on a Blackheaded Gull and i noticed that you mentioned : and i quote:"I have sharpened the beak a little" This "retouching" element interests me,as unfortunately quite often (i've been digiscoping for 3 days now) the beak or tail are slightly out of focus but not always.
                I'm alternating between "Matrix" and Spot with my Nikon P6000.
                Perhaps (once again !!!!)when you have some time,you could advise me on some useful "tools" in Adobe 6
                For the moment i am spending approx:1 min on each photo (slight sharpening and adjusting the contrast).
                Once again Colin,i can't thank you enough for all your help and patience.
                Have a nice Sunday.
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                  Hello Brian,

                  I have spent five minutes on this image whilst waiting for lunch to be dished up. Like you, I use Photoshop Elements v.6, but I do all my work on an iMac.

                  Apart from the obvious cropping I have adjusted "shadows and highlights" to compensate for a bit of underexposure, selectively "lightened" the dark breast to bring out more detail, increased colour saturation, selectively (Quick Selection Tool) brightened and lightened the bird's eye, then done some very slight noise reduction in "Neat Image" before a slight sharpen with "Adjust Sharpness" (rather than "Un-sharp Mask" which was too aggressive).

                  Nice shot, despite the sick-green colour of the netting around the feeder! You should be pleased with this as a first attempt.

                  By the way, I am no expert in post-processing or using Photoshop; I think you should do as I did when I started and just experiment. A good book is "Photoshop Elements 6 - The Missing Manual" (versions for both Mac and PC are avaiable) by Barbara Brundage and published by Pogue Press - available from Amazon U.K.



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                    Indigestion after lunch !!!!!!!! Guaranteed !!!!!!!

                    Hi Colin i hope you enjoyed your lunch.
                    Great editing on Great tit (sorry about the feeder).
                    I'm about to shoot myself !!!!!!!!!!
                    I CANT GET THE MAGNIFYING GLASS !!!!!!!!!
                    I'm clicking on the image with my mouse is this wrong ?
                    Think i'll go and have a row with my wife !!!!!!!!!
                    Make me feel better.
                    Now i've got indigestion lol.


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                      Eureka I've done it.

                      Well Colin,i've managed to upload one photo,BUT !!!!!!!!.Not quite sure how i did it.My brain is "fried ". I know the composition is not great but i would like to "brighten" the eye with this one and gain more clarity.Any advise welcome.
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                        Well done on overcoming the up-load problems!

                        The Blue Tit is a smaller file than the Great Tit, so not so much "digital information" to edit - it is also rather over-exposed and the whites are "blown" (it is always better to underexpose slightly for a "contrasty" bird).

                        My version is probably no better than yours:

                        Stick at it!



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                          Thanks Again.

                          Thanks again Colin.
                          Will be "sticking at it"
                          The main thing is,i'm really enjoying myself and there's a long road ahead.
                          Just one last question (then i'll leave you in peace !!!!!!)
                          If the beak or tail are slightly out of focus what tool if any can you use in adobe 6 ? and how did you "brighten" the eye in the Great tit ?.
                          Best wishes.


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                            Hello Brian,

                            You should be pleased with what you have achieved. I am sure you will go "from strength to strength".

                            The "Magic Wand" and "Quick Selection" tools (they should be on the left-hand side of your screen as a "toolbar") are very useful for making adjustments to a portion of an image.

                            I think that you really need to buy the book I recommended in my previous post (the "Missing Manual"). There is a steep learning curve involved here, but it can be extremely satisfying to improve your images in post-processing. Most people who digiscope are just pleased to get any sort of image, and then do f**k all to improve it.

                            You have shown, especially with the Great Tit shot, that your hardware set-up is capable of capturing excellent images, albeit they will need some processing; that should give you a lot of encouragement to go forward.

                            Parabens (well done),


                            P.S. Always pleased to help.


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                              Thank you as always.

                              Yes Colin.
                              Will buy the book.
                              Best Wishes.
                              A very happy Easter.