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#birding mega Lesser Kestrel Treveal Valley Cornwall on 1st November

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  • #birding mega Lesser Kestrel Treveal Valley Cornwall on 1st November

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    Any information relating to this claim.......I can't find anybody that seems to know anything about it. Certainly feasible given the origin of many of our vagrants this autumn and of course it could be the bird that was seen in the Outer Hebrides reorienting..........


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      Lesser Kestrel

      Any further news? Seems highly suspect surely more likely an escapee with no jesses etc.


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        A little more explanation here:

        And photos here:



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          Although I don't know the observer, everything about this record seems to be fully authentic and a chance find for the observer out for a walk. I am assuming his camera is set wrong as EXIF data suggest that the images were taken at 0635 hours and on 1 November 2011, it was dark at that time in West Cornwall. In hunting mode around a beautiful setting, it looks almost certain as if this bird was probably around for a while and was most likely associated with the glut of vagrants that arrived in the UK about that time. A very nice record indeed and does pose the question of just how many Lesser Kestrels are out there and being somehow overlooked. After a long spell of decline, some outstanding work by conservation volunteers in Iberia has seen a reverse in fortunes of this charming medium-sized falcon, with many hundreds of porposefully-built nestboxes being occupied


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            Just had a proper look at this. I have very limited experience with Lesser Kestrel and so wondered why it had been identified as that species? I have however seen some scary bright adult male (Common) Kestrels with less black spotting above. Wondering why its not one of those? Maybe wrong as I said, don't know Lesser Kestrel very well at all.



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              Hi Martin

              I also do not think this is a Lesser Kestrel. In my opinion the underside of the remiges or too barred for adult male Lesser Kestrel and I also think the upperside of the coverts would show less chestnut and more obvious and prominent grey g coverts.

              None of the images are at all convincing to me...and unless anyone can convince me otherwise.....?

              Brian S


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                I'm not convinced by the photos either. In one shot there seems to be a hint of grey panel in the upper wing, but the more I look the more I think this is a photographic artefact. The streaking below looks wrong - even well marked LKs tend I think to have fewer, 'blobbier' markings. Underwing should be whiter with a darker tip. Moustache looks a bit dark too,



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                  Also, looking at the image that best shows the upperwing - the apparent pale panel reaches the forewing broadly so is completely the wrong shape for Lesser - imm. or ad. male.