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Possible Bonaparte's Gull in Norfolk

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  • Possible Bonaparte's Gull in Norfolk

    Whilst photographing some of the waders on the freshmarsh at Titchwell I took the attached photo. When coming to edit the photos the other day I spotted the small black-billed gull in the background.

    Unfortunately only one of the photos showed this bird and I was not aware of the bird at the time, so did not check any other ID features and I don't know how long the bird was there. Clearly no one has reported any Bonaparte's at Titchwell either before or after. What do others make of this?
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    Very difficult to tell from just a couple of shots, but given the usual health warnings I would have thought its a Black headed Gull. Mantle shade and hood shape look good for it (although these can be variable according to the light and posture), and the bill looks good to for BHG. If it is just the black bill that makes you think its a Bonapartes Gull, this might be a product of the image and the bill may be a dark deep red which just appears black in the image

    Have a look at the bill on this bird

    However I am no expert so dont take my word for it!



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      Yes, also the bill doesn't seem short enough for Bonaparte's Gull, considering that it is turned slightly towards the camera and therefore appears foreshortened. Black-headed Gull for me too, unfortunately.


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        BHG methinks