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Chinese Pond Heron in Finland

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  • Chinese Pond Heron in Finland

    My language skills don't even allow me to say where in Finland (Turkansaari, I think), but an interesting bird...

    Brian S
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    The following link includes this latest sighting (from Turkansaari, you got it right) plus some previous sightings at WP. The last one, from 2007 was coincidentally (or not) also from Finland:

    Aleix Comas


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      I was talking about the Sea Palling (or rather, Eccles) record only this morning with a friend. May one day be looked at again. If more people had seen it, I expect it may have been looked at more favourably to begin with...

      OBC John Peel Awesomeness
      The little things they make me so happy, all I want to do is live by the sea...


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        The right place is Oulu, city in northern Finland. Turkansaari is a place in Oulu.
        Put to the google maps Turkansaari, Oulu and you will see the place of bird.
        Bird has not seen again.


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          Never doubted it for one minute Tim - no reason why it should have not been taken seriously. Certainly most of the leading listers whent for it and actions speak for themselves (although some of course may drive hundreds of miles just for insurance)