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Northern Wheatear - long distant migrant from Canada

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  • Northern Wheatear - long distant migrant from Canada

    Would be interested to here Comments on the bird photographed
    we have since caught and ringed this individual further information will be forthcoming for comparisons

    Received from

    On 3 March 2012 14:42, Norman Deans van Swelm <>wrote:

    By now most of you will have learned of the fascinating results of a
    gelocator study on Alaskan breeding Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe
    overflying northern Asia to spend the winter in E.Africa as well as
    Canadian breeding Greenland Wheatear Oenanthe (o.) leucorhoa crossing the
    Atlantic in order to spend the winter in W.Africa. Little is known about
    the Siberian/Alaskan birds yet they must have a comparable adaptation as
    the Greenland birds (i.e. long wings, large size) to cover the enormous
    distance to and from Africa. Portenko named the Siberian birds
    O.o.oenantoides but this name was ignored later by other authors. Nothing
    has been published on colour differences when compared to the small
    breeding birds of W.Europe nominate O.o.oenanthe and no pictures have to my
    knowledge been published. What pleasure it is to see Howard King's picture
    recently taken (2 -3- 2012) in Bahrain which surely shows an adult
    male O.o.oenanthoides in fresh breeding plumage see:


    Download the wheatear study here:

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