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  • Hummingbird monograph

    Hey all

    An in-depth hummingbird monograph is a glaring ommission from the public domain at the moment. Helm have given the go-ahead to now produce such a book, replete with full colour plates depicting all the species and subspecies and supplemented with photos in a full-on monograph typical of the Helm stable.
    Now the only fly-in-the-ointment is covering artwork costs; Helm can cover a certain percentage so following a lead from a couple of other publications we feel that sponsorship for the remaining art is the way forward. This can be done either on a per species basis or on a per plate basis, dependent on which way garners the most interest. The sponsor would then obviously keep the original artwork after the book is published.
    This is the only way that a book of this kind can be done nowadays and, as everyone agrees, artwork still has the upper hand over photos and would prefer the mix of both in a monograph as in Cotingas, Wagtails etc.

    Thoughts please.....

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    Hi Adam

    As hummingbirds are my favourite group I've long been aware of the lack of a comprehensive monograph. I'd love to see such a book produced! Are you in the running for some of the artwork?

    If someone were to sponsor a plate (and get the original afterwards) what sort of prices are we typically looking at? Will the average punter be priced out by the sheer expense of the thing? I'd definitely be interested in something like this in principle but it would have to be affordable...

    Russ Heselden


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      Come on guys!! This idea is certainly appealing to the book company and is gathering momentum on BF. Sign up now before all the good ones are taken!!
      Prices are 100 per species (more of said species if it has many differing subspp to illiustrate as it'll then become a plate in its' own right). Per plate would be c450....which would be 5 or so species on it, again dependent on subspp content!
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