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Panasonic Lumix LX3 adapted for Leica 65/82 scopes

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  • Panasonic Lumix LX3 adapted for Leica 65/82 scopes

    Since switching from the Leica Televid 77 to the Televid 65/82 models I've been less than satisfied with my digiscoping setup. Leica's own digi adapter has a thread which fits various Leica and Panasonic cameras, but its far bulkier than the simple slip ring I am used to carrying (see here). So I asked a friend to help me make up a new smaller slip ring adapter for the 25-50x eyepiece.

    Using a the cap for the 25-50x eyepice, we cut a hole in the centre of it to accommodate a new tube which was threaded to fit the Lumix LX3. The cap provides enough grip on the rubber of the eyepiece to be secure (but not secure enough to walk around with the camera in situ which isnt of interest to me).

    I also added this cable release adapter. An added bonus is that when not in use the cable release is stopped from moving around as it is secured by the magnet in the scope case's eyepiece cover.

    The attached photos illustrate the new set up.

    A = the whole setup
    B = close up of the camera and cable release mechanism
    C = close up the slip ring adapter

    Now just need to go and test the thing out!
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