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  • Birdwatcher - The Game

    I'm developing a game for birdwatcher's so I'd like to ask for your help to design the game.

    I'm trying to develop a tool that can help you learn more about birds in a fun and competitive way. It's intended to work on a mobile phone. The main goal of the game is to give you information about birds concerning your actual location. If you move to another state or country, the context will change.

    So far my ideas are:
    bird list were can tick you seeings
    award badges to distinguish several achievements
    questions about bird song, photographs, technical drawing, bird physiognomy...
    when you see a bird you get the virtual equivalent and you can have a list of virtual birds. Then you can exchange birds with buddies across the net
    you can collect virtual birds across your town, making birdwatching an every day, every hour, activity
    There will be missions were you have to play side by side with other players.

    What do you think about this? Do you have some more ideas? Would you play this game?Iím doing this for my master thesis so Iím very committed to it.

    I thank for all the help you can give me.
    Best Regards
    Pedro Laranjeiro