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How To Attach or Embed an Image in the Forum

This is a sticky topic.
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  • How To Attach or Embed an Image in the Forum

    Hi all, this seems to be a common question, so will make this a sticky.

    To Insert/Embed an Image Into a Post

    you need to have it already uploaded to a photo-hosting website such as Photobucket, Flickr, pbase, Surfbirds Albums etc.

    To insert/embed an image in to your post, click on the little yellow box icon and enter/paste the web address of the image. PLEASE NOTE: the web address should have a .jpg or .gif at the end of the address. If you don't see that, chances are you don't have the actual location of the image, just the page it is on.

    For example, after you've entered the web address of the image, it should look something like this in the text box of your post. Note the .jpg at the end of the image address which means you have the address of the actual image
    HTML Code:
    As an example, the below wouldn't work because it is just the page the image is on:

    HTML Code:
    So how do you get the web address of an image?

    Some of these photo-hosting sites offer to give you the code to embed your photo on a forum such as this. Look out for boxes that say "code for this photo for a forum" or something like that.

    Whether, the site offers to give you the code or not, the most trusted method is to either:

    For PC right click on the image and select "copy image location", then go to your forum post and follow the instructions above and paste the web address in to the text box after clicking the yellow icon.


    For Mac, instead of right clicking on the image, you press ctrl whilst clicking the mouse on the picture and you will get a pop-up and select "copy image address". Then follow the instructions above by pasting the web address into the box after clicking the yellow icon.

    To Attach Photos to a Post

    After "starting a new thread" scroll down until you find "manage attachments" From there you can upload photos that will attach to your post. If you are replying to a post, click on "Go Advanced" and scroll down to find "manage attachments".

    Please reply to this thread if we're missing any useful advice or if you have updates to any info provided here. Thanks!
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    The only addition I can think of is, if the photo isn't one's own, don't post it unless you have permission of the copyright holder.