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    Since moving over to Wordpress I now have to moderate each comment posted on the blog. I have tried ticking and unticking the various options but I can not seem to allow previous accepted commenters to re comment without the need for moderation by myself.

    I have even posted my own comment and that needs moderation.

    Can anyone help?

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    Hi, in your dashboard, have you scrolled down to Settings>Discussion? There are various settings you can change regarding comments, who can comment and notifications.


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      Thank you.

      Yes I have changed the various settings under the discussion tab.

      At the moment the only ones ticked are:
      Default ... allow people to post comment on new article
      Other ... comment author must fill out name and e-mail
      e-mail when ... a comment is held for moderation
      before a comment appears ... none ticked at the moment

      it doesn't seem to make any difference if I tick "Comment author must have a previously approved comment" or leave it blank

      This is just what I am trying to achieve ... to allow previously approved comment authors to post further comments on this and any new post without the constant need for moderation.


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        Hi SECOS, because comment spam can be crippling to the server, the function to have "comment author must have previously approved comment" only works if you have Akismet activated. When in your dashboard, look for the link "you need API key for Akismet to work". Click on that link and select the free option and you will be given an API key to copy and paste in to your blog's Akismet settings. Please let me know if you have issues with any step and we can help set this up. Best, Admin


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          Thank you

          Have input ther code and that seems to have done the trick, with myself anyway. Will wait and see about my regular authors.