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Red-Flanked Bluetail!

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  • Red-Flanked Bluetail!

    Hi all,
    I hope you guys will be glad to know this as I was amazed my self. This morning I got an email from an old friend I mean some 13 years back.
    There is a Red-Flanked Bluetail siting near minsmere. I have not been to see myself but according to him as I court, the bird has been around for nearly a week, infact is first record for the area and should be wintering in South-East Asia. To me it sound like this could be a rare species or maybe not I guess.

    Seedy Gambian birder.
    Birding Gambia

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    Yep, report and photos on Birdguides.

    There's also been two at Spurn in Yorkshire (both being ringed) and one at Whitburn in Durham in the last 2-3 weeks. Also one in Shetland (or was it Orkney, I forget which!).


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      Seedy, hope you are well - do you remember me, Lee Evans from the UK - found the first Black-bellied Whistling Duck for Africa in Gambia not far from the bridge where you guys all once gathered - and the AGP.

      RED-FLANKED BLUETAILS are a regular feature of the British birding scene now with a multitude of records each autumn - in fact we have now amassed an amazing 66 records with a further 6 individuals this autumn.

      There has been a major upsurge in records since 1990 with an unprecedented 12 in 2008 and all mirroring a westward expansion in range across northern Scandinavia, where 500 or more singing males can now be heard in May-July in east and NE Finland.

      I once spent a ridiculous amount of money twitching one on Shetland which I did not even see and now birders hardly bat an eyelid when they hear of another occurrence.

      The Minsmere bird is a beauty and a very charming bird, showing well when not pursued or harassed feeding out in the open in the Sallow bushes. It has been on site since it was first located by John Grant last Wednesday.

      All the very best

      Lee Evans


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        The one at Winspit was a rugby scrum too, the first twitchable mainland record as I recall.
        Dave J


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          Red-Flanked Bluetail!!

          Hi Lee,
          Thanks for your information, am sure some will know more about the little fellow, and thanks to MichaelF too.

          Lee ,I can't remember personally met you, but can recall hearing about you.
          By the way you got a fantastic site and great photos. Now I know what Red-Flanked Bluetail looks like. Good job.

          Seedy Gambian birder.
          Birding Gambia