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Vulture brings down hang glider

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  • Vulture brings down hang glider

    Hi all,
    watch this vid of a pretty cheesed off Russian hang glider pilot who collides with a Griffon Vulture.

    the Vulture gets entangled in the rig and brings both it and the glider down. Happily the Vulture survives and is seen to fly away strongly.

    This event is now becoming more common with the increasing popularity of hang gliding in parts of Asia and was recently noted on the Oriental Birds forum where it was stated to have been reported on at least three occasions.

    Regards, Andy Adcock.

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    Isn't this a Himalayan Griffon?
    Awesome video, wish I could speak Russian.


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      Yes it is Himalayan,
      I had people contact me who didn't watch it to the the end, telling me it was Egyptian, they only saw the initial black and white blur of the birds at the start.

      My girlfriend is Russian and she tells me that apart from being very annoyed, he asking for help as he thinks the bird is about to pull him down the hill as it attempts to fly off!!

      A lucky escape and I'm sure a fatality is only a matter of time as this is happening more and more.



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        I was impressed with the guy......he had just been wiped out at X thousand feet....and he gently tried to untangle the bird.
        I am not sure everyone would have done the same!


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          My Russian girlfriend tells me that apart from the swearing....a lot of bad names for the bird, his commentary was little as follows.....

          'you little f...., ru ok, you nearly killed me you f..... and you wrecked my wing'

          The guy was also expressing his relief and thanks to the people who did such a good job packing his reserve!