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Birding Cadiz Province 2012 (a personal site guide)

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  • Birding Cadiz Province 2012 (a personal site guide)

    Some of you, I know, have earlier "editions" of my notes on birding sites in Cadiz Province (and nearby). However, I have now redrawn all of the maps (now in in colour!) and added several sites (and maps) so that my opus is now c55,000 words and almost 100 pages in length with 63 maps.

    So how do you obtain this cure for chronic insomnia? Simple just send me a PM or message via my blog with your own email address and I'll email it to you it as a pdf. It's free, but if you think it worth it I'd appreciate a donation (how big is up to you) to whatever charity you deem suitable. I've no interest at all in making any money out of my efforts, but am very gratified that so far this 'edition' has raised some cash for various wildlife charities. I would also appreciate any feedback (positive or negative),