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Varanger winter and early spring info, Steller┤s Eiders and more..

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  • Varanger winter and early spring info, Steller┤s Eiders and more..

    Hi all! I am recieving quite a few emails from birders that are planning trips to Varanger this winter / early spring. I am very happy to get both requests and feedback on our already existing info on our website and providing info for other birders. Especially interesting is getting notes from birders who visit Varanger and see something out of the ordinary, good numbers of a species, links to nice photos of arctic specialities, new trip reports and more. We are working on a project with on making a pure birding resource website for ┤Arctic Norway┤- both to serve birders and to gather data for conservational purposes. We are no more then a few (about 5) resident birders in Varanger / Arctic Norway, but many many more visiting. Our own website is not a pure birder resource but being birders working on lots of bird projects we aim to provide updated news from Varanger. To make things easier for reseaching birders we have made an article on birds, sites, logisitcs, accomodations and more - based on the mail correspondanse with many birders. Thanks to those who provide info and feedback - much appreciated!

    A consentrated info article can be found on this link:

    A few bird photos added as well (Steller┤s Eider, Hawk Owl), but basically text based.

    Also I have updated our GullFest poster and programme. The programme is still improving. Latest news is Nils Van Duivendijk will join us, give talks on Advanced Bird ID (based on his exellent books). Also he will hold a ┤Mysteru Gull┤- competition. Looks like we will have a great event. Drop me a mail if you are interested in joining GullFest, or just show up in Vard° on the 13th of April. We have lots of nice events set up - a real birders event. We will also launch a new global gull web resource during GullFest: (by Frode Falkenberg)

    more updates on GullFest will come, but for now maybe you find what you are looking for in the info article.

    T.Amundsen, Varanger