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Pelagics off Brittany south west of the scilly Isles forthcoming recommended.

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  • Pelagics off Brittany south west of the scilly Isles forthcoming recommended.

    Hi there,
    In July on 28th and in August on 11th and 25th August off Ouessant
    called Ushant out in the Atlantic south of the Scillies west of Brest in Brittany are planned pelagics which usually produce better than the Scilly pelagics with regulars like Little Barolo's Shearwaters and large Shearwaters plus rare Gulls and sunfish, plus cetaceans like large Whales
    just north of the Bay of Biscay on the Sabines Gull migration routes which the last pelagic on 25th August should hit as hundreds gather each September for up to 45 days according to geolocators fitted in Greenland and Canada by coleagues of the Gull Fest team with Mark Mafeti in Canada and Greenland. More on the pelagics at:-
    Association Naturaliste d'Ouessant c/o Sebastien Siblet, 1, bis rue des Sablineres, 77670 cedex post code, Saint Mannes, France.
    In Normandy seawatching is great at Gateville and Cap de la Hague on the Cherbourg peninsula and at Carolles headland near Granville south of Cherbourg. North of Granville south of Cherbourg recently a Ring Ousel nested a rare record and nearby in Normandy a Black Kite just nested.Black Kite are common breeders in Brittany and up to a dozen Short-toed Eagles summer photo identified individually near Brest in Brittany with three species of breeding Harriers and nearby in Nantes recently a rare Bonellis Eagle with oly 30 pairs in France many are satellite tracked and now Black-shouldered Kites have summered in Normandy in the Seine estuary and nearby just west of Paris near Orleans mant Booted Eagles and Ospreys nest. Goldeneyes nest near central Paris on huge lakes and in north east France White-tailed sea Eagles are summering about to breed which breed in big numbers in Holland near Amsterdam Schipol airport bird reserve.Bee-eaters breed every summer in Brittany and along the Loire river near Paris like many Little Bitterns which breed near Calais also.Stilts and Spoonbills and Bluethroats and Cattle Egrets and Marsh Warblers and Great Egrtes breed along the Channel coast with hundreds of pairs of Red-backed Shrikes and hundreds of pairs of Kentish Plovers with better ecological government now in Paris backed by Cecile Duflo who hopes to promote bird conservation and an end to hunters breeding each year 100,000 Wild Boars to release in the Camargue to hunt and many hunters hunt protected species and shoot at children who challenge them! Now hunting of Curlews is banned 70 pairs now breed in Normandy and 50,000 or over winter there! Numbers are soaring with the hunting ban on a few species including Curlews! Still there are 1,200,000 hunters in France who all flout the law claiming they can't tell species apart so shoot everything in millions each year a catastrophy which needs to stop backed by the new Government who move into the Elysee and Hotel Matignon in Paris on Tuesday and oficially have power then with the Basle III meeting of the European Central Bank on the same day which should see the London FTSE100 stock market take a huge tumble as well as the pound sterling which is set to fall soon with the new President Francois Hollande who has had Segolene Royal as his partner for a long time whose brother is an intelligent close contat of mine. Apparently Francois Hollande wants Jean-Marc Ayrault as Prime Minister as he is a fluent German speaker to move into Hotel Matignon to get friendly with Guido Westerwelle from Germany who heads the German Federation Foreign Office with the Jewish community of bankers who ru Frankfurt backed by friends who are iterested in ecology and working with Cecile Duflot who is friendly with her pals across Europe who I am friendly with interested in promoting ecology like blocking the project near the Mediterranean at the Plaine des Maures moorland site filed with rare birds, plants and invertebrates and Heermans Tortoises and rare Lizards and amphibians which a golf concern is hoping to destroy
    partly going to the regional lawyers at draguignan now where legal collegues of mine I hope now can halt the spread of these golf interests which are destroying rare habitat and rare wildlife. More at:- Kind regards, Bertram.E.B.Bree

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