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New book about Cape Clear Bird Observatory

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  • New book about Cape Clear Bird Observatory

    Hi All,

    Over the last few years I have been collecting, inputting and collating all of the natural history records at the Obs here on Cape - along with the massive help of a few others! This work is now nearing completion and a new book is on the horizon - Cape Clear Bird Observatory 1959 - 2010.

    If anyone is interested in looking at the details - or even better, buying a copy! - I have put together a short blog at

    that shows what the book will look like. There are also three polls at the top right of the page that would help me to decide on how many to get printed, etc. I would very much appreciate any feedback from folks if they might be interested as a: I dont want to under print and b: I dont want to be left with 100's of unsold copies!

    Thanks in advance folks,

    Happy birding and I hope to get you over here in the autumn!!