Hi all

The whole concept is a take on Huffington post's recent contest "The Ultimate place to see before you die", where incidently Machu Picchu won. So just for fun, I posted a question on Facebook to vote for the ultimate bird to see in the world.
As it turned out, the concept was too large to simply choose one bird within the Facebook concept.
I decided to make it a world cup type tornament, where the facebook vote simply would chose the 16 contestants to compete for the title "THE BEST BIRD OF THE WORLD".

The 16 finalists are selected. It is getting very exciting this game and the interest is very high. Our host server almost broke the other day.
Here are the 8 games competing:

Spoon-billed Sandpiper vs Ibisbill
Marvelous Spatuletail vs Long-whiskered Owlet,
Harpy Eagle vs Blue Bird of Paradise
Snowy Owl vs Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise?
Wandering Albatross vs Ivory Gull
Emperor Penguin vs Kakapo
Resplendent Quetzal vs Philippine Eagle
Shoebill vs Inca Tern

Here is the link to vote

Hard choices, but there is only one winner in each game. The voting in this round ends on Saturday..
Have fun!!! Share with your friends...