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Thread: e-mail from 'surfbirds team'

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    Default e-mail from 'surfbirds team'

    the following e-mail i received is a spam/pishing attempt to get my account hacked

    ''Dear darrell, we're excited to let you know that we're about to launch a brand new look to your blog. The current system we've been using runs a version of software that is no longer supported and consequently has been more prone to spam and other denial of service attacks. Your new blog will have a lot more functionality, will be easier to post to and will look a lot nicer! It will be using the popular Wordpress blogging software. Over the past few weeks, we have been moving your older entries over to the new system and we are in the final stages of moving your latest posts over. Once it's complete, one of the first things you will need to do is reset your password. Passwords are unfortunately not able to be transferred over for all users, so you may need to manually reset it. If you have problems logging in, there is a "forgot password" link. It should only take a minute to reset it and then you can begin exploring and using your new blog. Best, Surfbirds Admin''


    and do not respond
    regards darrell j prest

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    Hi Darrell, sorry if this looked like phishing. It is genuine. We put everyone's first name in the email to make it feel more genuine (instead of "dear user").

    No link has been given yet for the new Surfbirds blogs but once everyone's entries have been moved over to the new software, we will send out another email with the link to the new blogs, as well as post a notice on the forum. The web address for the new blogs will be a one, so you will know it's genuine. Most users will need to go to the link to reset their blog passwords, as encrypted passwords were not able to be transferred to the new system and keep their encryption.

    The new Wordpress software is a big improvement over the current software and the blog homepage will also have clearer and larger snippets of everyone's posts in the "recent posts", allowing users to promote their blogs much more easily to the rest of the Surfbirds community.

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