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Thread: 2011-A long year of macro

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    Default 2011-A long year of macro

    hello everyone
    A summary of a long year of macro. One shot for each month
    I hope not to bore. All shots are in my gallery "Macro 2011" where under every shot there are shooting data


    22-JAN-2011 - Moss in the rain

    12-FEB-2011 - Helleborus niger

    18-MAR-2011 - Wasp war - Polistes gallicus

    03-APR-2011 - Anthocharis cardamines

    07-MAY-2011 - Ephemera sp.

    03-JUN-2011 - Asilidae sp.

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    31-JUL-2011 - Sympetrum fonscolombei mating

    06-AUG-2011 - Formica cunicularia

    03-SEP-2011 - Scorpion flies

    23-OCT-2011 - Mantis religiosa predation

    01-NOV-2011 - Cicadella viridis

    11-DEC-2011 - Drop

    thanks for looking

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    Hi Carlos,

    Some lovely photographs, I could look at this kind of work for hours. Super stuff

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    thank you very much Barry

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    Some beautiful shots

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