I just got back from Pavones Costa Rica. It was an incredible birdwatching experience. We stayed at Ranch Cannatella and identified about 40 species at the resort. Chestnut mandibled toucans ate from the palm trees daily, and scarlet macaws flew by or at the alamandas on the beach almost daily. Small green parakeets that I never could ID were daily visitors, as well as a variety of flycatchers (pecho amarillo), summer tanagers, scarlet rumped tanagers, blue grey tanagers, thick billed euphonium, the strikingly beautiful golden headed tanager, white, grey and black hawks, yellow headed caracaras, the tiny bananaquit, many hummingbirds including the long-tailed hermit, and many others. If you want to check out Costa Rica, look up my buddy Joe at Rancho Cannatella in Pavones, you wont be disapointed!