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Thread: Chaffinch in New Jersey

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    Default Chaffinch in New Jersey

    Just been reading ~ on a completely unrelated forum ~ that they have a Chaffinch in New Jersey.

    " The Common Chaffinch - A bird from the British Isles and Europe has been seen in someone’s backyard in Union Twp, Hunterdon County. As of this morning, there were 50+ birders standing in his yard waiting to see or photograph the bird. "

    Great for them

    Ball breaker, for us, is the off hand mention that this Mega tends to arrive with the White Throated Sparrows and Juncos! Ouch!

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    I've had 4 Chaffinches in my back yard today. Unfortunately I didn't have 50+ twitchers trying to photograph them!

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    There are likely to be a lot of European escapees in the USA. They even had feral Great Tits around the Great Lakes for a while, and Euro Goldfinches pop up regularly. I think any of the European finches commonly in aviculture (Bull-, Green-, Chaff-, Gold-, Siskin) need to have the question asked. There's a lot of these birds coming from Russian traders.

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