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    Smile Hello

    I am not a twitcher or a birder in the accepted sense - I love wildlife including birds. I have lots of feeders in my garden which attract quite large numbers of birds at times which I can watching for ages at a time (far superior to most programmes on TV these days). I sometimes have trouble identifying birds and at other times just want to ask questions to broaden my knowledge. Other times I get the odd picture which I would just like to share with others or have an experience that I would like to share.

    I have read some of the threads on the forum requesting identification and I am amazed how some of you guys can come up with the identifications that you do

    I look forward to your company in the future.


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    Hi Vic

    Welcome to Surfbirds. Looking forward to hearing about the birds in your garden and elsewhere - I agree that feeders are often a lot more interesting than TV on most days!

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