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Thread: 2nd winter YLGull?

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    Default 2nd winter YLGull?

    video'd this gull on 20th in south-west of England. As far as I can tell it's a YLGull. The bill looked noticeably heavier than the Herrings it was with although I dont remember it looking particularly large.


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    hi paul,

    from what i can see this is a white headed 2nd cycle herring gull. wings are too short, greater coverts too contrastless in pattern and scapular and covert moult too little advanced for YLG (little or no no grey adult-like coverts/scaps).



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    thanks Lou. That would certainly explain the size. I agree with the wings looking too short although I still don't feel that the bill shape or size fits Herring. On balance I'll go with your suggestion and continue looking for another YLG suspect.
    Cheers, Paul

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