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Recent posts at North American Birding include...

The Two Fisted Birdwatcher contemplates Anachronisms and Woodpeckers, "...for whatever it’s worth, here’s a piece about changing times and a really cool woodpecker."

I delve into a possibly new way to identify Selasphorus hummingbirds, that I discovered while taking very close-up pictures of the Chicago-area "mystery" hummer last month. (It's a mystery no more ... it turned out to be a hatch-year female Rufous, which stunned some people, including myself.)

Fraker has a very close encounter with a Harlan's Hawk: http://bit.ly/x73EnA

Fraker also shares one of his famous cannonball runs with us (5 posts)—this time from Illinois to Boston and back, stopping for a Black-headed Gull in Ohio.

Dave Dolan chimes in about his favorite CBC in Texas, Tim O'Connell encounters a Snowy Owl in Oklahoma, and eBird urges us to get into some quiet territory. All that and more at NABb:


...and as long as we're talking about blog posts, I think this one at the ABA blog by Brian Sullivan is required reading: http://bit.ly/xhKapJ

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