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Thread: Thayer's Gull in Northern Ireland

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    Default Thayer's Gull in Northern Ireland


    This one photographed at Enniskillen Tip y'day does look pretty darn good. Photos here:

    Seems to have been around for most of January. With Ross's Gull and Bonaparte's Gull also in the province, an enviable day's birding to be had!

    Another one from Killala, co. Mayo a couple of weeks ago also looks very much like 'normal range' juvenile Thayer's Gull to me:

    Cheers Martin

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    Having seen this bird in early January, here's my twopence worth:

    I disagree that the Mayo bird is a normal Thayer's, although to be fair I'm not entirely sure what it is (maybe Kumlien's although it looks very Herring-like in some pics so perhaps it is a hybrid between Herring and either Glaucous or Iceland).

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